B&E Resources is proud to serve many of America's premier energy producers. To ensure that we can continue to meet the critical needs of our customers and keep our employees safe, we have enacted our Pandemic Preparedness Plan. This plan strives to keep our workers on the job, guarantee that necessary supplies and materials are available and ensure our on-going operations throughout the crisis. If you have questions or if we can help you during this challenging time, please contact us at questions@berltd.com
B&E Resources Industrial Services  

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B&E is a critical resource partner to some of the largest industrial companies in the world.

Our embedded or ‘nested’ teams of trade specialists work tirelessly to meet the mission critical operational needs of our partners to help them maximize plant performance. We leverage our broad industrial service expertise to offer proactive insights and strategic advice to our partners as they plan upgrades and retrofits, schedule routine maintenance and respond to emergency service.

Our industrial services are often complimented by our specialty fabrication capabilities to provide integrated, turn-key solutions with the accuracy and urgency required in critical downtime scenarios.


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