B&E Resources is proud to serve many of America's premier energy producers. To ensure that we can continue to meet the critical needs of our customers and keep our employees safe, we have enacted our Pandemic Preparedness Plan. This plan strives to keep our workers on the job, guarantee that necessary supplies and materials are available and ensure our on-going operations throughout the crisis. If you have questions or if we can help you during this challenging time, please contact us at questions@berltd.com
B&E Resources Industrial Services  

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Fabrication Facilities

Buna, TX

  • 30,000 SF Shop
  • 30’ Hook Height
  • 2-20 Ton Cranes
  • 2-10 Ton Cranes
  • 2-5 Ton Cranes
  • 20 Acre Rig-up & Laydown Yard
  • 8,000 SF Paint/Blast Facility
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Silsbee, TX

  • 40,000 SF Shop
  • Dedicated Alloy Shop
  • 4-5 Ton Cranes
  • 2-10 Ton Cranes
  • 2-8 Ton Cranes
  • 20 Acre Laydown Yard
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Houston, TX

  • 110,000 SF Shop
  • 6-20 Ton Cranes
  • 1-5 Ton Crane
  • 35 Acre Rig-up & Laydown Yard
  • 6,000 SF Paint/Blast Facility
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Field Service Locations

Corpus Christi, TX

Industrial Coatings

B&E Resources has 8,000 SF of paint and sand blasting facilities at two locations to provide quick project turnaround without bottlenecks. We assure the preparation of the materials prior to coating with the application of 2 and 3 stage epoxy industrial coatings with urethane finish. We have inspections at each stage of the process, assuring the highest QA/QC possible and suitability to the end use service conditions. Our mil thickness test reporting ensures consistent applications and we conform to NACE standards to deliver high quality end use products.

Machined Parts

B&E has a sophisticated machine shop capability, supported by our industry leading HAAS CNC Lathes and Milling Machines. Our machining capabilities allow B&E to maintain control of critical delivery schedules and stringent quality control requirements. We routinely supply machined parts such as tapered pins, pinning connection plates, and machined equipment mounting pads for both B&E fabricated components and other customer fabrication or assembly needs.