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B & E is a customer-focused, innovative, and reliable partner for all of your Production & Processing equipment needs.

Our best-in-class engineering team can design custom skid packages to meet client specific requirements or utilize our standard designs to meeting most client’s needs. We offer the complete project from fabrication, welding, coating, testing, shipping and installation. Capabilities include:

  • Gas Dehydration Units (5 MMscfd – 200 MMscfd)
  • Crude & NGL Stabilizers (1000 BPD – 25,000 BPD)
  • Gas Production Units (GPU), Enclosed & Non-Enclosed
  • Wellhead Test/Metering Allocation Skids
  • JT / Dew Point Control Skids
  • Heater Treaters & Heated Separators
  • High Capacity Dual & Triple Blow Case Skids
  • Gas Filter Separators & Coalescing Filters
  • Fuel Gas Conditioning Skids
  • Vertical & Horizontal Separators & Slug Catchers
  • Header Skids
  • Other Custom Skid-Mounted Modular Production/Process Equipment

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