B&E Resources Industrial General Contractor   (409) 994-2653
B&E Resources Industrial General Contractor   (409) 994-2653


B & E Resources has established itself as a reliable, high quality fabrication facility with broad capabilities to serve the custom requirements of our clients. We have the qualified craftsmen – designers, fitters, fabricators, welders and inspectors – to assure that your piping is delivered as expected, either spooled or in customized individual sections. We carry the ASME “PP” stamp and have the qualifications to work with virtually all grades of pipe and materials, in sizes ranging from 2-inch through 60-inch and beyond, designed for high and low temperature applications. Our work is continually scrutinized to comply with our rigid QA/QC procedures. We employ the latest in cutting and code welding equipment and provide sophisticated material control software for high project confidence. Our capabilities include:

  • Dedicated alloy and carbon steel shops
  • Small and large bore
  • Full detailed data books
  • Thick and Thin wall piping
  • High and low temperature piping
  • On-site hydro, NDE and PMI
  • Around-the-clock response
  • Logistics and transport-shop to site


B & E Resources is highly experienced with modularization, completing projects that were manufactured in a controlled environment, readily shipped and installed. Our deliverables greatly reduce or eliminate the complexities of field erection methods while controlling manufacture and assembly. The result is efficiency, cost containment, schedule improvement and perfect fit-up without rework. Our benefits from modularization include:

  • Reduced regulatory permitting
  • Improved site logistics
  • Improved safety
  • Centralized geographic location
  • Better material control
  • Flexibility of design
  • Fewer labor resources
  • Reduced site congestion
  • No weather delays
  • Eliminate field inefficiencies
  • No phased funding

Packaged Equipment

At B & E Resources, we have a reputation for producing high quality, long-lasting equipment packages. Our team can create specialized skid packages designed in-house to meet client requirements or standard designs to suit specific parameters. We offer the complete project from fabrication, welding, coating, testing, shipping and installation. Our capabilities include:

  • Process skids
  • Onshore production packages
  • Metering and custody transfer
  • Midstream gas gathering
  • Offshore modular production skids
  • Compressor/pump skids

Custom Structural

We have a broad range of capabilities in the manufacture of custom steel components and structures. We serve broad end-use markets from drilling rigs to downstream refineries and petrochemical plants. We have the fabrication facilities to create what you need, when you need it in a turn-key fashion that is done right with no rework. Our facilities have high hook heights to 40 feet, heavy-lift cranes to 40-ton, and sizeable laydown yard capacity to accommodate virtually any fabricated structure. We can provide products from a wide selection of materials with complete traceability and quality control with 100 percent inspections. Our custom products include:

  • Frames
  • Platforms
  • Stairways
  • Superstructures
  • Supports
  • Trusses
  • Guards
  • Railings
  • Substructures

Vessels, Tanks and Separators

Since our inception, B & E resources has been manufacturing and repairing custom vessels, tanks and separators for the oil and gas industry. Our high pressure vessels conform to ASME Section VIII, Div. 1. We can create either horizontal or vertical vessels, free-standing or skidded, designed in-house or to your specifications. We also hold ASME “U” and NBIC “R” stamps. Size is not a factor. We have provided logistics and overland transport for large vessels and structures as long as 100 feet. Along with the vessels and tanks, we provide the necessary attachments – flanges, piping, skids, stands ladders and valves. Among our products are:

  • Pressure vessels
  • Storage tanks
  • Mud/gas separators
  • Skidded systems
  • Low pressure bulk storage tanks
  • Non-code vessels
  • H2S certified separators

Drilling Rigs and Components

B & E Resources has built a solid reputation for its manufacture of drilling rig and equipment packages. Our quality fabrication facilities provide high quality solutions with innovative designs that focus on clients’ custom requirements. We provide a seamless interface with our clients to maintain project efficiency using an experienced team of project managers, designers, engineers and constructors. All our products meet accepted industry standards including API “4F”and ASME “U” stamps. Our fabrication services include cutting, sawing, welding, forming, machining and coating. We offer drilling-related products including:

  • Masts
  • Drilling fluid tanks
  • Derricks
  • Low pressure tanks
  • Substructures
  • Instrument and electrical
  • V- Doors
  • Specialized skids
  • ASME Coded Mud Gas Separators
  • Water Tanks
  • Fuel Tanks
  • Stand Pipe
  • Walking Systems
  • Generator Packages
  • Mud Pump Packages
  • Rig Up Services
  • Skids

Industrial Coatings

B & E Resources have 8,000 square-foot paint and sand blasting facilities at two locations to provide quick project turnaround without bottlenecks. We assure the preparation of the materials prior to coating with the application of 2 and 3 stage epoxy industrial coatings with urethane finish. We have inspections at each stage of the process, assuring the highest QA/QC possible and suitability to the end use service conditions. Our mil thickness test reporting ensures consistent applications and we conform to NACE standards to deliver high quality end use products

Facility Overview

39772 Hwy 96 S.
Buna, Texas 77612

  • 30,000 SF Shop
  • 30’ Hook Height
  • 2-20 Ton Cranes
  • 2-10 Ton Cranes
  • 2-5 Ton Cranes
  • 20 Acre Rig-up & Laydown Yard
  • 8,000 SF Paint/Blast Facility

4689 US Hwy 96
Silsbee, Texas 77656

  • 40,000 SF Shop
  • Dedicated Alloy Shop
  • 4-5 Ton Cranes
  • 2-10 Ton Cranes
  • 2-8 Ton Cranes
  • 20 Acre Laydown Yard

8709 Miller Rd. #2
Houston, Texas 77049

  • 50,000 SF Shop
  • 35’ Hook Height
  • 4-5 Ton Cranes
  • 2-40 Ton Cranes
  • 2-20 Ton Cranes
  • 40 Acre Rig-up & Laydown Yard
  • 8,000 SF Paint/Blast Facility